Meet ADW’s Founder, Dr. Bjelac!

Aspire Dental Wellness roots itself in a history of respect, appreciation, and determination for giving people the smiles they deserve.

Meet Dr. B!

Aspire Dental Wellness - Dr Sladjana Bjelac's Dentist in SouthPark, Charlotte

Dr. Sladjana Bjelac

Aspire Dental Wellness’s excellence is rooted in Dr. Sladjana Bjelac’s deep connection with dentistry, which arose from her childhood, experiencing the Bosnian war, and making her have no choice but to mature rapidly at a very young age. Her past has made her especially aware of the hardships poor dental health can cause. Due to the lack of resources she had available to her growing up, she understood firsthand the challenges and hardships that came along with being edentulous. She quickly knew it was her life mission to help others with similar problems so they can experience improved health and confidence. For this reason, she knew the importance of always treating patients nonjudgmentally with the utmost care, respect, and compassion.

Being the first in her family to not only receive higher education, but also graduating top of her class, she knew how important this opportunity was for both her and her family’s future. Studying both internationally and in the United States, Dr. Bjelac has experienced a diverse array of dental practices and philosophies on an international scale, giving her a unique outlook on what it truly means to be a dentist. She finds immense importance in stellar teamwork, access to proper dental care for the less fortunate, and the constant continuation of education for herself and others to continuously innovate the industry.