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Teeth Alignment

With the help of advanced technology, Aspire Dental Wellness empowers patients to achieve their most confident and healthiest smiles by utilizing discreet and proper teeth alignment.

Braces and Aligners - What's the Difference?

Traditional braces and clear aligners are both effective orthodontic solutions for straightening teeth, but they do differ in a few ways. The main difference is the fact that aligners are removable for drinking, eating, brushing, and flossing, providing you with a more convenient way to enhance your smile.

The Pros and Cons - Which Straightening Treatment Is for You?

Braces are better suited for more complex cases of misaligned or crooked teeth, while dental alignment is an ideal choice for those requiring mild to moderate adjustments. In addition to being removable, there are plenty of advantages this straightening treatment brings to the table:

Here's What the Ideal Teeth Alignment Looks Like

While every smile has its own charm, the ideal alignment typically includes the upper teeth slightly overlapping the lower teeth. Molars should fit neatly into the grooves of their opposites, and the alignment between the upper and lower jaws should be symmetrical. The upper and lower incisors need to be in a straight line, and overall, the alignment should be comfortable and painless.

What Are the Options for Perfect Teeth Alignment in Charlotte?

At Aspire Dental Wellness, your dentist in Charlotte, NC, is dedicated to providing a customized and holistic approach to correct teeth alignment. We prioritize your comfort throughout the entire treatment process, ensuring a pleasant and effective journey toward the smile of your dreams.
At our clinic, we offer a variety of top-notch aligner brands to suit different dental needs. This includes OrthoFX, Invisalign®, SparkTM, and Sure Smile®, each known for their unique benefits and effectiveness.

What Conditions Benefit from Orthodontic Aligner Treatment?

The wide range of options we provide reflects our team’s commitment to your individual requirements. The exact orthodontic treatment your Charlotte, NC, dentist suggests will depend on the condition you’re dealing with. These may include:

Gap Teeth
Open Bite
Crowded Teeth

What Are the Dangers of Ignoring a Necessary Straightening Treatment?

No matter if you’re dealing with crowded or gapped teeth, these conditions can make it hard to maintain proper oral hygiene. The faster buildup of food can lead to plaque and decay, which can further develop into discomfort and inadequate pressure.

Achieve a Radiant Smile With the Invisible OrthoFX Clear Aligners

At Aspire Dental Wellness, the OrthoFX clear aligners stand out as an exceptionally effective option for a range of misalignments. They are crafted from a unique 3-layer proprietary polymer known as FXTetra Bright™, which can give your teeth a natural white color without employing harsh chemicals to achieve it.

What Are the Benefits of Using OrthoFX Clear Aligners Compared to Braces?

When it comes to achieving a beautifully aligned smile, there are plenty of reasons why OrthoFX emerged as a popular alternative to traditional braces. Here are the biggest benefits of choosing them for your teeth alignment in North Carolina:

How Do OrthoFX Clear Aligners Work in Aligning Your Teeth and Achieving Oral Health?

The OrthoFX functions through a tailored approach, utilizing 3D scanning technology to design a customized solution. Each aligner is crafted to fit snugly over your teeth, much like a glove, exerting gentle, consistent pressure on each tooth to methodically straighten them over time. These aligners are delivered straight to your Charlotte dentist in South Park, with the process involving a simple switch to a new aligner weekly.

How to Maintain Your Enhanced Smile for a Long Time

Achieving a well-arranged smile with clear aligners is a significant step, and it can be a permanent solution. After every treatment, a retainer is used to help your teeth stay in place. However, it’s important to remember that teeth can naturally shift over time. This movement, often starting in your twenties, is influenced by your everyday habits. To slow down this process and maintain your enhanced smile, consider these practices:

Aspire Dental Wellness Will Provide a Customized Journey to Your Perfect Smile

Begin your journey to a beautifully aligned smile with Aspire Dental Wellness, where Dr. Sladjana Bjelac and our dedicated team await to offer you a truly personalized experience. We emphasize comfort at every turn, creating an atmosphere that rivals a spa treatment in its tranquility and relaxation. From routine check-ups to advanced cosmetic dentistry in Charlotte, NC, we ensure that your journey with us is as unique and individual as your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Alignment

Using custom-fit aligners, such as OrthoFX, shouldn’t cause any discomfort, as they’re designed specifically for your teeth. Even if there’s mild pressure as your teeth begin to adjust, this is only temporary and shouldn’t cause actual discomfort.

Most treatment plants using OrthoFX last between 6 to 18 months, which is half the time of traditional treatments such as using braces. The exact time frame varies depending on the individual’s dental needs.

Quality aligners are designed to provide a long-term solution for misaligned teeth. However, to maintain the results, it’s often recommended to use retainers post-treatment to prevent teeth from gradually shifting back to their original position.

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