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Holistic Dentistry

From routine check-ups to specialized restorative and cosmetic treatments, your Charlotte dentist in South Park can provide comprehensive oral care.

Holistic Dentistry

Aspire Dental Wellness is fully committed to integrating holistic dentistry with the latest dental technology, providing you with the most comfortable and effective experience possible during your visit. 

An Anxiety-Free Experience for All.

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What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry, also known as alternative or natural dentistry, takes a comprehensive approach to oral health, different from traditional methods. It emphasizes the interconnection between dental health and overall bodily health. Dr. Sladjana Bjelac, our holistic dentist in Charlotte, NC, embraces this approach, focusing on treating not just the teeth and gums but considering the patient’s total well-being.

What Treatments Does Holistic Dentistry in Charlotte, NC, Include?

Our team at Aspire Dental Wellness offers treatments that include a range of therapies and techniques that go beyond traditional dental care. This wellness-oriented approach to oral health often utilizes more natural remedies and alternative methods, including:

Our Team Is Committed to Designing a Personalized Treatment Plan for Every Patient

At our clinic, we focus on creating individualized treatment plans that are grounded in thorough diagnostics, encompassing rejuvenating and safe procedures, natural therapies, and the latest in dental technology. This approach is tailored to each patient’s unique health profile, including considerations for allergies and specific health needs, ensuring you get the most out of every visit.

Mercury-Free Fillings Emerge as a Strong and Safe Alternative

For many years, dental amalgams, which combine liquid mercury with a metal alloy, were a standard choice for tooth fillings. However, as dentistry has advanced, new and safer alternatives have become available. 
Your Charlotte dentist in South Park can offer you a great option – metal-free implantology. Made from biocompatible composite resin, these fillings are not only devoid of metals but also highly customizable to suit individual needs.

What Are the Benefits of Mercury-Free Materials for Fillings?

Switching to mercury-free fillings brings a multitude of benefits, aligning with modern practices that prioritize both health and aesthetics. Here are some key advantages:

Holistic Dentistry in North Carolina Also Covers Mercury Fillings Removal

Continuing our commitment to safer and more biocompatible practices, our clinic also offers the removal of mercury fillings. We provide safe and effective alternatives for our patients, carefully crafting a unique treatment plan for each of them.

What Conditions Are Related to Long-Term Contact With Mercury?

Mercury, a common element found in water, air, and seafood, is everywhere in our environment. However, its long-term contact, particularly through dental amalgams, can pose significant health risks. Extended exposure to mercury can lead to various health concerns, including:

What Happens After Filling Removal?

The post-removal approach depends on the size of the original filling and the condition of the treated tooth. Options may vary from a simple composite filling to more comprehensive solutions like a dental crown. The holistic approach practiced by your cosmetic dentist in Charlotte, NC, ensures that you receive a treatment plan that best suits your oral health needs, prioritizing compatibility with your overall well-being.

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The Holistic Approach Values Your Overall Health

Our team’s focus isn’t solely on the non-toxic materials used in treatments – it’s also about embracing a comprehensive approach to dental care. This holistic perspective ensures that every aspect of our practice, from the procedures to the patient experience, aligns with a philosophy that values overall health and well-being.

Aspire Dental Wellness Is Committed to Biomimetic Dentistry

As a holistic Charlotte, NC, Dentist clinic, our unique approach leads us to the practice of biomimetic dentistry. This cutting-edge approach closely mimics the natural properties and functionality of teeth. The method involves using materials and techniques that replicate the teeth’s natural biomechanics. This type of restoration will not only look natural but also function harmoniously with the rest of your oral structure.

Aspire Dental Wellness Is Dedicated to Enhancing Your Overall Health

At Aspire Dental Wellness, we understand that dental health is a crucial component of your overall well-being. From advanced biomimetic treatments to mercury-free fillings and personalized care plans, our team is dedicated to ensuring your dental care enhances your overall health and wellness. Make a reservation today, and we’ll make sure your smile is not just about aesthetics but a reflection of your total health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Holistic Dentistry

The stance of holistic dentists on fluoride can vary. While some may recommend it for its benefits in preventing tooth decay, others may avoid it due to concerns over its potential health effects and seek alternative, natural methods for dental health.

Holistic dentists treat cavities by removing the decay and using biocompatible materials for fillings. They focus on treating the root cause of cavities, often incorporating dietary recommendations and natural therapies to enhance oral and overall health.

Holistic dentistry is considered better by many because it approaches dental care as part of overall health and well-being. This approach includes using biocompatible materials, avoiding toxic substances, and focusing on preventive care and education. It aims to treat the underlying causes of dental issues, not just the symptoms, which can lead to more sustainable and health-conscious solutions for patients.

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