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Nighttime Aligners

Transform your smile overnight with Aspire Dental Wellness and OrthoFXTM NiTime, the most innovative nighttime aligners in Charlotte for perfecting your teeth while you sleep.

Introducing OrthoFXTM NiTime for Hassle-Free Teeth Straightening

Aspire Dental Wellness is proud to be the first dental office in both Carolinas to partner with OrthoFXTM, bringing you an innovative and nearly invisible solution for teeth straightening in Charlotte. This groundbreaking treatment, the first FDA-cleared nighttime teeth aligners, offers a completely comfortable, hassle-free experience for enhancing your smile.
Aspire Dental Wellness is the first clinic in North Carolina that can offer you high-quality, FDA-approved aligners that are only used during the night.

Here Are the Benefits of Using Night Aligners for Teeth

At Aspire Dental Wellness clinic, we like to celebrate the uniqueness of every smile. However, we also understand the desire to enhance it in a comfortable yet effective way. In that regard, teeth night aligners offer a convenient solution to enhance both the appearance and functionality of your pearly whites without disrupting your daily routine.
 Here are some conditions that can greatly benefit from using OrthoFXTM NiTime:

OrthoFXTM NiTime Brings Numerous Advantages Compared to Other Nighttime Aligners

Your Charlotte dentist in South Park is committed to providing the best possible solutions tailored to your unique needs, and offering OrthoFXTM NiTime is a prime example of that. These night teeth aligners stand out in the market due to their advanced features and benefits, including the following:

What You Can Expect From the Night-Only OrthoFXTM Treatment

If you’re considering this advanced treatment, the process begins with a detailed consultation with one of our specialists at Aspire Dental Wellness. During this consultation, your dentist in Charlotte, NC, will dive into the specifics, discussing what results you can anticipate based on your unique dental condition.

It All Starts With Careful Customization by Our Specialists

If you decide to proceed with the treatment, you will receive a clear, custom-made OrthoFXTM NiTime set. Utilizing advanced 3D scanning technology, our team will design a personalized system that progressively moves your teeth into the desired position, stage by stage.

You'll Receive a New Set Each Week

With this treatment, you’ll transition to a new set each week, with each one meticulously designed to gradually shift your teeth into the correct alignment. OrthoFXTM NiTime is very easy to use – simply maintain your regular nightly dental routine, then insert your aligners before bed. Plus, with the intelligent monitoring software OrthoFXTM provides, you can track your progress remotely, reducing the need for frequent office visits.

You'll Receive a Retainer at the End of Your Treatment

Upon completing your treatment plan, you’ll receive a retainer to ensure your teeth maintain their new positioning. These retainers are crafted from a special FXTetra BrightTM polymer, which not only helps keep your teeth in place but also imparts a natural white color without any harsh chemicals. This final step is all about preserving the results of your treatment – your beautiful new smile.

Nighttime Clear Aligners are as Effective as Traditional Options

As long as you adhere to the prescribed treatment regimen, OrthoFXTM NiTime is just as effective as its all-day counterparts. If you stick to the recommended time of wearing them and remain consistent, the desired results will be equally achievable, all while enjoying the utmost convenience.

Orthodontics Have Never Been Quite as Comfortable

With the innovative use of a multilayer polymer in their construction, OrthoFXTM NiTime offers unprecedented comfort. This advanced material not only ensures a snug, comfortable fit but also boasts stain-resistant properties. This means you can still enjoy your favorite teeth-staining foods and beverages, like coffee, without worrying about compromising your results.

Cost of OrthoFXTM NiTime - What Can You Expect?

OrthoFXTM ensures transparency in pricing with no hidden fees, allowing you to fully understand the costs involved right from the start. The typical price range varies between $3,000 to $5,000, depending on the specifics of your treatment. 
To make OrthoFXTM NiTime even more accessible, there are flexible payment plans and various financing options. The product is also under a comprehensive 3-year warranty in case of losing your set or the corrections shift back post-treatment.

Embrace the Night and Transform Your Smile With Aspire Dental Wellness

Ready for a convenient and comfortable way to enhance your smile? Reserve your consultation and explore the innovative OrthoFXTM NiTime at Aspire Dental Wellness. Led by Dr. Sladjana Bjelac, our team is more than equipped to help you enhance your smile while you sleep without disrupting your daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nighttime Aligners

It’s not recommended to miss any days during your treatment, as this can compromise your final results and cause your teeth to revert to their original position. If you don’t remain consistent, your overall treatment will take longer, which can also reflect payment.

As they’re made from durable materials, your aligners should be able to handle the pressure of biting. OrthoFXTM NiTime are specifically designed to be worn during sleep, so they can withstand any pressure or movements you might make during nighttime.

While wearing your aligners, you can drink water, but it’s recommended to avoid hot beverages. Also, make sure to thoroughly brush and floss after each meal, especially if it’s before putting them on.

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