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A Frenectomy

Thanks to laser treatments, frenectomy is no longer a stressful surgical procedure. Dr. Sladjana Bjelac, a top-rated Charlotte dentist in South Park, provides efficient and quick laser procedures that have replaced traditional frenectomies.

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What Is Frenectomy and What Does It Treat?

A frenectomy, also called a frenulectomy, is a common procedure that aims to treat tongue tie. A frenectomy is essentially removing the soft tissue called a frenulum – a small piece of connective tissue that keeps two areas of tissue close together. While there is more than one frenulum in your mouth, it is the lingual frenulum that usually causes trouble and results in the need for frenectomy. This is the tissue that connects the tongue and the bottom of the oral cavity.

Tongue Tie - Causes and Symptoms

When the lingual frenulum is too short, the condition called tongue tie is developed. The tongue is attached to the bottom of the mouth, which leads to numerous problems. About 5% of infants are born with a tongue tie. The condition occurs simply due to irregularities in fetal development as the frenulum is supposed to get thinner and shrink as a fetus develops. 
When it comes to symptoms of tongue ties, the most prominent issue is difficulty latching while breastfeeding. This can cause breastfeeding to last longer, and the baby can still be hungry, which may lead to difficulty gaining weight. Later on, tongue ties can cause problems with speech development, such as the inability to speak clearly.

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Laser Treatment for Tongue Tie

The laser frenectomy procedure is the perfect solution for fixing tongue ties. Nowadays, there’s no need for traditional frenectomy that involves cutting with scalpels, bleeding, and downtime after the procedure. Laser treatments have made a significant change in this area of medicine. Removing tongue ties is now done quickly, effortlessly, and with no discomfort to the baby or stress to the parents. 
At Aspire Dental Wellness, we use cutting-edge laser technology known as Solea® Laser. This is one of the most efficient lasers on the market, and it will undoubtedly correct any tongue tie. The precise light beam removes the tissue that forms the frenulum.

Benefits of Laser Treatment

Laser treatments come with numerous benefits compared to traditional frenectomies. Not only is the procedure quick (about a minute or two) and with no discomfort, but there’s also virtually no bleeding. The patient doesn’t need to be put under anesthesia, and there won’t be any need for sutures after the procedure. The chances for reattachment of the frenulum are minimal, and the child can be breastfed immediately following the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Frenectomy

The pain associated with a frenectomy varies. For infants, the procedure is often quick and may be done without anesthesia, causing minimal discomfort, especially when it’s a laser frenectomy. Older children and adults might require local anesthesia. The use of laser technology in frenectomies reduces pain and bleeding.

The regrowth of the frenulum is possible, but it is not common. Post-surgery, the frenulum may reattach or grow back, especially if post-operative care instructions are not followed correctly. However, this is not a typical occurrence, especially if you’ve had a laser frenectomy.

Tongue tie does not typically resolve on its own, particularly in moderate to severe cases. While mild forms of tongue tie might not cause significant problems and could seemingly improve as the child grows, the physical restriction of the frenulum does not spontaneously resolve.

If a tongue tie is left untreated, it may lead to various challenges. In infants, it can cause difficulties with breastfeeding, potentially leading to inadequate nutrition and issues for the mother, such as pain and mastitis. In older children and adults, untreated tongue ties can result in speech difficulties, challenges with oral hygiene, and even social or self-esteem issues related to limited tongue mobility.

Aspire Dental Wellness Offers Customized Laser Treatments and Dental Services

If you’re looking for a frenectomy dentist in Charlotte, NC, look no further than Dr. Sladjana Bjelac. At Aspire Dental Wellness clinic in Charlotte, NC, the team surrounding excellent Dr. Bjelac specializes in advanced laser dentistry. Performing laser frenectomies is an everyday task for us, and thanks to our vast experience, our patients can be sure they’ll receive the best medical care possible. 
Thanks to her education in both Europe and the US, Dr. Bjelac is able to combine the best of different approaches to dentistry and deliver customized services to her patients. The entire Aspire Dental Wellness clinic focuses on a holistic approach and a wellness-like experience – you will hardly feel like you’re in a dental clinic. We work hard to make everyone feel relaxed and calm during dental procedures, which is why our patients always return to us.

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If you wish to undergo a laser frenectomy in Charlotte, NC, we can provide you with exceptional care and results. Aspire Dental Wellness is a leader in laser dentistry, and our Dr. Sladjana Bjelac can correct tongue ties effortlessly. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and reserve your appointment.

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