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TMJ and Migraines

For those who struggle with temporomandibular joint disorders, it’s no news that TMJ and migraines are connected. However, not everybody knows that these issues can be efficiently treated with an innovative method – laser therapy. If you’re thinking of giving lasers a chance, reach out to Dr. Sladjana Bjelac and her team at Aspire Dental Wellness for laser treatments in Charlotte, NC.

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What Is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder is a broad term that covers several medical conditions that involve issues with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), jaw muscles (chewing muscles), and the surrounding structures. The disorder is characterized by pain in the joint, which often causes trouble when chewing or opening your mouth.

What Causes This Disorder?

The etiology of temporomandibular joint disorder isn’t exactly clear. It’s suggested that the condition could be caused by arthritis, but trauma to the joint could also be a contributing factor. It doesn’t necessarily need to be major trauma – even repeated teeth grinding or clenching can cause the condition to develop. Considering that the temporomandibular joint contains a cartilage disc, inflammation and damage to the cartilage can also contribute to TMJ disorders.

What Are the Symptoms of TMJ Disorder?

The dominant symptom of temporomandibular joint disorder is pain in the joint, but it’s important to note that it can spread to the face, neck, shoulders, and head. There’s often tenderness and discomfort in these areas as well. 
Pain isn’t constant but rather recurrent, and the severity can differ from person to person. Range of motion in the jaw is reduced, and patients often note that opening their mouth and chewing trigger pain sensations. Sometimes, there can be noise present during jaw movements.

How Are TMJ and Migraines Related?

What connects migraines and TMJ disorder? The fifth cranial nerve, called the trigeminal nerve, is the reason for recurrent headaches in patients with this disorder. The nerve provides sensations for the large segment of the face, but it also covers the innervation of parts of the brain and intracranial arteries. 
Thanks to this, pain sensations can spread from the face and cause a migraine, which is a specific type of headache. A migraine can be accompanied by sensitivity to light and touch, nausea, and even vomiting. The symptoms can drastically affect the quality of life for those who suffer from them.

The Best Treatment for Headaches Caused by TMJ Disorder - Laser Procedures

Getting rid of headaches and other pain is the primary goal of TMJ treatments. Since the symptoms are often self-limiting and passing, medical professionals usually recommend simple and non-invasive treatment options. One of the most popular methods used to treat this condition is laser treatment.

Fotona Lasers - Efficient Treatment for TMJ-Related Headaches

At Aspire Dental Wellness, we only use the best equipment – for TMJ disorder treatment, that’s Fotona Laser. It’s highly efficient in relieving pain and reducing inflammation. The treatment itself is very quick and with no discomfort to the patient. How do lasers fix this condition exactly? 
The process of using laser beams in this context is called photobiomodulation. Beams interact with biomolecules on a cellular level and boost the production of ATP, which is a vital substance that serves as a chemical form of energy our cells use to function. As a result, cellular metabolism is increased, and so are repair processes and DNA replication. All of this contributes to the relief of symptoms.

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Laser Dentistry Can Fix a Wide Variety of Conditions - The Benefits of This Approach Are Numerous

It’s easy to see why laser treatments are superior to more invasive methods when it comes to conditions such as TMJ disorders. Lasers are non-invasive, and the treatment is practically pain-free. There isn’t any downtime afterward, so you can go back to your everyday routine in no time. All it takes is a few minutes, yet the results are astonishing. Using Fotona’s lasers has shown to be highly efficient in TMJ disorder therapy.

Dr. Sladjana Bjelac Is an Experienced Dentist in Charlotte, NC

If you decide to give laser therapy a try, your next step should be finding an experienced medical professional who can provide quality treatment. Dr. Sladjana Bjelac is a top-rated Charlotte dentist in South Park. She specializes in advanced laser dentistry and offers excellent dentistry services along with her team at Aspire Dental Wellness clinic in South Park. You can count on Dr. Bjelac for outstanding treatment and a pleasant experience. 
Dr. Bjelac stands out thanks to her vast knowledge and education in both the US and Europe. She combines the best approaches to dentistry from both continents and delivers unique, customized treatment. With a holistic approach to every patient and a wellness-like experience, you will surely feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit.

Contact Aspire Dental Wellness and Get Rid of Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

If you’re experiencing TMJ and migraines in Charlotte, NC, don’t hesitate to reach out to Aspire Dental Wellness clinic and Dr. Bjelac to reserve your appointment. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our patients – you will quickly see that. Let us help you get rid of TMJ symptoms and migraines so you can enjoy each day pain-free!

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