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At Aspire Dental Wellness, we believe in the transformative power of giving back and fostering a culture of compassion and community through our practice.

Our Holistic Approach Goes Both Ways

Our team, led by Dr. Sladjana Bjelac, is dedicated to providing a holistic approach that extends far beyond traditional dental care. From a wide range of general and cosmetic treatments to the integration of advanced laser dentistry into our practice, this approach ensures comprehensive care for all of our patients. 
But our commitment doesn’t stop at providing top-tier dental services. We pride ourselves on creating a spa-like treatment for every visit, focusing on the comfort and well-being of our patients as a whole.

Our Commitment Extends to the Community

Our patients have been our pillars of support, contributing significantly to the growth and success of our clinic over the years. In turn, your dentist in Charlotte, NC, is more than committed to reciprocating this kindness by supporting the community. 
If you share our passion, we welcome you to join us in making a difference. Get in touch to learn more about our practice, our community involvement, and how you can contribute to the charities we support. Together, we can create a stronger, healthier community.

Why We Are Dedicated to Empowering Change

Life’s journey teaches us invaluable lessons. For Dr. Bjelac, living and studying in both Europe and America has provided a rich tapestry of experiences, including the myriad of challenges people face every day. 
These encounters have shaped her approach to dental care, infusing it with a deep understanding of the varied walks of life. Similarly, her team is composed of dedicated professionals who bring their own unique backgrounds and experiences. Together, we have a shared commitment to understanding and empathy.

We Believe Dentistry Is More Than Just a Profession

The ability to transform someone’s smile, boost their self-esteem, and ensure their long-term health is more than just our profession – it’s pure passion. For us, there’s no greater reward than seeing our patients smile confidently and enjoy a healthier life overall.

North Carolina Missions of Mercy (NCMOM)

Our clinic is deeply honored to contribute our time and resources as volunteers at the Charlotte Mini Missions of Mercy (MOM) clinic. This program is a beacon of hope, providing essential dental treatments to individuals who lack sufficient resources for oral care.

Uniting for the Greater Cause of Providing Healthy Smiles

Our involvement with NCMOM is not just a commitment – it’s a heartfelt dedication. We regularly provide our services at the clinic, working alongside a network of compassionate volunteers. This diverse team includes dentists, dental assistants, laboratory technicians, and many other professionals from across the state, all united to deliver quality dental care to those in need.

Religious Charitable Guardianship of St. Arsenije Sremac

Aspire Dental Wellness is proud to be actively involved with the Religious Charitable Guardianship of St. Arsenije Sremac (Versko dobrotvorno starateljstvo Sveti Arsenije Sremac). This organization, under the umbrella of St. Simeon Serbian Orthodox Church in North Carolina, is a noble initiative dedicated to providing crucial support to single mothers and fathers in Serbia and the Republic of Srpska.

We Aim to Extend Our Service Far and Wide

Our clinic’s involvement goes beyond mere financial contributions. We are deeply committed to this cause, regularly participating in activities and events organized by the church. By offering our support, we aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who benefit from the church’s charitable work.

Let's Make a Difference Together

Besides the already mentioned causes, our team leader, Dr. Sladjana Bjelac, has also taken part in the Belize Mission, Give Kids a Smile, and Dental Free Clinics. This ethos of compassion and service is at the heart of everything we do at Aspire Dental Wellness, driving us to continually seek ways to contribute meaningfully to the world around us. Visit our clinic, and let’s take this empowering journey together!

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