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What Are the Different Types of Dental Implants?

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Broken and damaged teeth are not only an eyesore and uncomfortable, but they can also lead to bigger issues down the road. That’s why fixing them properly with dental implants is so important, but with so many different types of dental implants, how do you know which one is right for you? Here’s a short guide to help you figure out which type best suits your needs, so you can get back to having beautiful and healthy teeth.

How Does Dental Implant Surgery Work?

Before we get into are there different types of dental implants, let’s start with some basics on dental implant surgery. It’s a permanent procedure used to fix completely damaged or missing teeth, where a screw-like implant is placed into the jawbone in order to support the artificial tooth (crown). If done correctly and maintained properly, they can last a lifetime. This procedure has an almost perfect success rate, and it’s one of the most common procedures in the world of general dentistry in Charlotte, NC.

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Dental implants are the best way to fix missing teeth

What Are the Different Types of Dental Implants and How Do You Know Which One Is the Best Choice for You?

Dental implant surgery is among the most common dental procedures out there. It’s a highly effective, long-term solution for teeth replacement. It’s suitable for almost anyone, and there are a couple of different types of dental implants you can choose from. For starters, you should know that the types of dental implants can be based on the type of procedure used to put the implants in, and on the type of the implant itself.

Let’s take a closer look at both of these types to help you understand why a certain type might be a better fit for your teeth. Either way, always make sure to consult with your Charlotte dentist in SouthPark, and they will recommend the best option for you.

There Are 3 Different Ways You Can Have the Implant Installed

Did you know that there are three types of implants based on which method is used to put them in? The first one is a single dental implant. As the name suggests, it’s a single implant, with a single post and crown, used to fix a single tooth. If you have a single missing tooth or a couple of them that are not connected to each other, this is a great and straightforward option.

The second method is an implant-supported bridge. This method is used when you have to replace multiple teeth that are right next to each other, and it’s also called a dental bridge. This kind of dental bridge consists of a row of crowns, where only the first and last ones have actual implants, while the artificial teeth in between are held in place by the two crowns at each end.

There is also a third option – an implant-retained denture. This type of technique is used if you need to replace a vast majority of your teeth. Think of it as a perfect, artificial set of teeth permanently attached to your gums with four implants. Like two implants can support a dental bridge, four of them can support an entire arch. This method is only reserved for those in need of extensive dental work on most of their teeth, and it’s not recommended for those who would do it just because of the aesthetic appeal.

There Is Also a Choice to Be Made When It Comes to the 3 Types of the Implant Itself

Besides single tooth, dental bridges, and dentures, there are also three types of implants based on their characteristics and how they’re then attached to the jawbone. You can choose between endosteal, subperiosteal, and zygomatic implants. Endosteal implants are the most common type, and they are always used if the patient has a strong enough, healthy jawbone. This type of implant is shaped practically like a screw that goes into the jawbone and then gets a prosthetic tooth attached at the top.

The second type, the subperiosteal implant is the second best thing after the endosteal implant. This type is used in patients who don’t have a strong enough jawbone to support the endosteal implant. The main difference is in the fact that the subperiosteal implant goes under the gums, but not into the jawbone. It’s a metal frame with poles that goes under the gums and serves as a foundation for the artificial teeth to be placed onto those poles once the gum tissue heals and secures the frame in place.

The third and least common type is the zygomatic implant, which doesn’t go into the jawbone or the gum tissue but is attached to the patient’s cheekbone. It’s quite an extensive procedure and it’s considered a last resort in the dental world.

Your dentist will recommend the best approach and the best type of dental implants

Come to Aspire Dental Wellness, Get Your Dental Implants Done, and Get Ready to Flaunt Your New Perfect Smile!

Teeth repairs should never be taken lightly. They need to be handled properly, and you need to be comfortable throughout this lengthy procedure. So, if you want to get the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of, make sure to contact us and book an appointment with our dentist in Charlotte, NC, and discover the benefits of dental implants. Our team at Aspire Dental Wellness will ensure you feel comfortable throughout the entire process, from assisting you with any questions you may have before the procedure to taking care of you during the procedure itself. We make sure you get the best care possible, along with a bright smile you can be proud of.

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