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Should I Go to the Dentist With a Cold? Aspire Dental Wellness’ Advice for Charlotte Patients

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You’re all set for your dental appointment, but, as luck would have it, you wake up on the big day feeling a little under the weather. There you are, sniffling and contemplating – should I go to the dentist with a cold? Should I power through the visit, or is it better to reschedule? Your dentist in Charlotte, NC, has some expert tips to help you make an informed decision.

A mild cold shouldn’t stop you from visiting your Charlotte dentist in South Park. However, if you’re experiencing more severe symptoms like a fever or nausea, it’s better to reschedule for your and everyone else’s well-being. Ultimately, it boils down to how you feel.

Should I Go to the Dentist With a Cold? First Things First, You Need to Assess Your Condition

We’ve all been there – grappling with a cold while important plans and appointments are on the horizon. Having an upcoming dental check-up is one of those moments where you find yourself weighing the importance of oral health against the sniffles and sneezes taking over your day. It’s a common dilemma – should I stay in bed, or should I go to the dentist with a sore throat?

While it’s tempting to just power through the appointment, especially if cancellation fees enter the picture, the first step is to realistically evaluate your condition. Are we talking about a minor headache here? Well, that’s not contagious, and the relaxing amenities offered at Aspire Dental Wellness might even make it worth the trouble. But it’s not just about whether you can make it through the visit – it’s also about how your condition might affect the treatment itself.

How Sick Are You?

Not all colds are created equal. The severity of your symptoms plays a crucial role in deciding whether to keep that dental appointment. If it’s just a case of a runny nose or some congestion, your visit can still be on the cards.

However, the situation takes a turn if you’re dealing with fever or flu-like symptoms. In such cases, rescheduling is about safeguarding your health and the well-being of others in the dental office. It’s the classic case of better safe than sorry.

Are You Contagious?

When it comes to dealing with contagious conditions, the principle of “better safe than sorry” becomes more important than ever. The last thing anyone wants is to be responsible for spreading an illness, especially in a healthcare setting like the office of your Charlotte, NC, dentist.

It’s important to remember that being contagious isn’t just about showing symptoms like coughing or sneezing at the moment. Even if these symptoms have subsided in the past few days, you can still be contagious for up to a week.

Should I go to the dentist if I have a sore throat? It depends on your exact condition

Get in Touch With Your Clinic in Charlotte to Figure Out the Best Course of Action

No matter the exact scenario, the smartest approach is to get in contact with your chosen clinic. Dental professionals are experienced in handling such situations and can offer tailored advice based on their policies.

The staff will assist you in determining whether rescheduling is an option, or if you’re having a dental emergency, they may suggest precautions to take during your visit. All in all, open communication with your Charlotte, NC, dentist is not just about your health – it’s a gesture of respect and care for the well-being of the clinic’s team and other patients.

Make Sure You Have Good Hygiene at the Dental Office

If you decide to go ahead with your appointment, hygiene is crucial for a safe and stress-free visit. Here are some tips to help keep yourself and others safe:

  • Use hand sanitizer regularly, especially after touching surfaces,
  • Always cover your nose and mouth if you need to cough or sneeze,
  • Bring a pack of tissues to handle sneezes and sniffles discreetly,
  • Try to avoid touching your face to minimize the spread of germs,
  • Remind the staff about your condition upon arrival so they can take necessary precautions.

Tell Your Charlotte Dentist in South Park if You Have Congestion

Congestion can be a big challenge during treatments. Some dental work requires breathing through your nose, which can be difficult if you’re dealing with congestion. That’s why you should always inform your dentist about the condition – they will know to give you short pauses during the treatment to catch your breath, ensuring utmost comfort throughout the whole ordeal.

A dentist examining a girl
Make sure to discuss your condition with your chosen dentist in Charlotte, NC

Canceling Your Appointment Is Sometimes the Only Responsible Option

If you’re contagious and your dental office recommends postponing your visit, staying at home is the only responsible decision you can make. Canceling an appointment, especially at the last minute, might incur some fees. Also, rescheduling might take some time, depending on the clinic’s availability. But remember – at the end of the day, it’s a small price to pay for ensuring the health and safety of everyone involved.

Our Team at Aspire Dental Wellness Always Prioritizes Your Overall Well-Being

Finding yourself in this kind of predicament can be tricky, as the delicate balance between personal health and community responsibility can be difficult to navigate. That’s why Dr. Sladjana Bjelac and her experienced team at Aspire Dental Wellness are here to support you in making the best decision. Contact us today, and let’s embark on an oral health journey that is in perfect harmony with your overall well-being!

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